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Reservation form for car events in 2023

Price security:

Regardless of the general inflation, we are sticking to the prices of 2022.
Our prices are rigid against inflation and the price increases from the circuits!

Cancellation security:

Two cancellation insurances are available
1.) SportVers motorsport cancellation insurance: calculate your fee
2.) European travel insurance: calculate your fee

Execution security:

Due to the compressed event calendar, the dates will be booked out quickly.
This enables us to ensure that the booked events are carried out.

Circuits in 2023:

Legendary: Brno Circuit, always good fun at: Slovakia Ring and Pannonia Ring.

Event program at car track-days:

Free practice only, from 9am to 1p.m. and from 2p.m. to 6p.m.

, Trainingszeiten: 9-13 Uhr und 14-18 Uhr.


The field of drivers is divided into 3 groups. The grouping of the drivers and their vehicles is based on the lap times. This is why transponder-timing is mandertory to all drivers.
The costs for the transponder time measurement are € 20,-, these are not included in the entry fee.

I hereby book bindingly:

One day accident insurance:

Hobby racer can sign a one day accident insurance with SportVers.de; the risk of a race is included.
Costs: € 20,- per day; insurance sum: € 100.000
All information is provided on: https://www.sportvers.de
  By clicking the checkbox your insurance registration will be send to the insurance company.

Time Attack:

Participation in Time Attack is free of charge, but registration is required, as well as disclosure of the vehicle data (power and weight). Evaluation and award ceremony on the day of the event at around 5 p.m..
  I want to participate in TIME-ATTACK.

Other drivers:

Only the driving time of a vehicle is calculated, regardless of how many drivers share a vehicle.
We ask for information about further drivers by e-mail office@motor-sports.eu

My message to the organizer:

Regarding renting a box or other questions ...

My personal data:


I am experienced in driving on a race track:    yes    no
My lap times (if available):

After booking, all payment information will be sent by e-mail within 3 days.

By sending the booking form I confirm and agree with the Michael Fiala Motor-Sports-Club general terms and conditions; furthermore, I confirm that I have read the privacy policy concerning the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Accreditation and mandatory driver briefing:

Accreditation the evening before the event:  6 p.m.- 7 p.m.
Accreditation on the day of the event:  7.30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Driver briefing on the day of the event:  8.30 a.m.

Safety first:

Free practice stands and falls with the grouping of drivers and their vehicles. If there are drivers or vehicles in a group that are significantly faster or significantly slower than the rest of the field of drivers, this can lead to dangerous situations. The transponder time measurement enables the best possible grouping based on the lap times actually driven.
Regroupings take place continuously in the course of an event.

Helmets and the use of seatbelts are compulsory:

When driving on the race track, all vehicle occupants are required to wear helmets and seat belts.
Passengers must be at least 18 years old.
DOnly accredited persons are allowed to stay in the pit lane.

Time Attack:

Anyone who has already participated in a couple of track days will inevitably feel the need to compete with other drivers. As classic races are at risk, we are reverting to the Time Attack which only is focused on the driver's skills. A compensation value is calculated to balance the different weights and engine performances of each car. These factors will be added to the lap times which were transformed into metric system before. The lowest number wins.
Participation in Time Attack is free of charge, but registration is required, as well as your vehicle data (horsepower and weight of your car).
Evaluation and trophy ceremonies at the end of the day around 5 p.m..