Reservation form for automotive events in 2020
Race track events for sports cars and racing cars
The good news ahead: the day of event on the Slovakia Ring will remain on our schedule in 2019!
In the past season, the 3-groups-system proved to be progress. Even doubtfully drivers which were afraid of losing time compared to the 2-group system; gave positive feedback at the end of the season. If you stick to the schedule, you will not lose any time on race track, but the incensement of pleasure was clearly visible. First, there are fewer vehicles in a group, and moreover, the groups fit better together.
In order to further increase the homogeneity of the groups, formula cars will now be driven exclusively in the fastest group, this requires that formula cars pilots must be able to master these vehicles.
The group classification is based on the effectively driven lap times
(transponder will be mandatory).
As a provisional directive on the Pannonia Ring:
Group A: lap times up to 2:15
Group B: lap times from 2:15 to 2:30
Group C: lap times over 2:30 (street licenced cars only - no TIME-ATTACK!)
I hereby book bindingly:
Day of event Race track Time on race track Regular price
15th of July 2020 Pannonia Ring 8 x 20 minutes = whole day € 340,-
15th of July 2020 Pannonia Ring 4 x 20 minutes = half day € 230,-
15th of July 2020 Pannonia Ring 1 x 20 minutes € 60,-
19th of August 2020 Pannonia Ring 8 x 20 minutes = whole day € 340,-
19th of August 2020 Pannonia Ring 4 x 20 minutes = half day € 230,-
19th of August 2020 Pannonia Ring 1 x 20 minutes € 60,-
23th of September 2020 Pannonia Ring 8 x 20 minutes = whole day € 340,-
23th of September 2020 Pannonia Ring 4 x 20 minutes = half day € 230,-
23th of September 2020 Pannonia Ring 1 x 20 minutes € 60,-
2nd driver Data of the 2nd driver
please send by e-mail
free of charge
I want to participate in TIME ATTACK free of charge
Subject to change!
One-day accident insurance:
Hobby racers can take out one day casualty insurance from
Costs per day: 15,- Euros; Insurance sum: 100.000,- Euros.
For further information, please visit:
  By clicking, we forward your registration to the insurance company.
Text box for any kind of message:
For example for renting a box (please specify the date), etc ...
Personal data:
Title: Mr.  Mrs.
Day of birth: DD.MM.YY
ZIP code:
Cell phone:
I am experienced in driving on race track: YES  NO
I will show up with a: Racing car  Street legal car
My car (brand/model):
Driver's licence No.:
After booking all information regarding payment will be sent by email within 3 days.
By sending the booking form I confirm and agree with the General terms and conditions of the company Michael Fiala Motor-Sports.
Event Program:
Free practice in 3 groups; change of groups every 20 minutes; Training times: 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm.
Accreditation and mandatory driver's briefing:
On the day of the event: accreditation from 8am, driver's briefing at 8.30am.
Time Attack:
Anyone who has already participated in a couple of track days will inevitably feel the need to compete with other drivers. As classic races are at risk, we are reverting to the Time Attack which only is focused on the driver's skills. A compensation value is calculated to balance the different weights and engine performances of each car. These factors will be added to the lap times which were transformed into metric system before. The lowest number wins.
Participation in Time Attack is free of charge, but registration is required, as well as your vehicle data (horsepower and weight of your car). To make your lap times visible for all participants, a transponder must be rented from the race track's timekeeping service; the cost is 15, - Euros. Evaluation and trophy ceremonies at the end of the day around 5 pm.
Driver's training:
Since a couple of years OLIVER MICHAEL has been chief of instructions. If you are looking for improvement of your driving skills, Oliver will give you a lead. Results are visible, lap times are getting faster by lower risk. If you are interested, we will be glad to provide you with information about the training options and the costs; please send your inquiry to:
Information obligation pursuant to § 5 paragraph 1 Austrian E-Commerce-Law:
Promoter: Michael Fiala Motor-Sports-Club
Company address: Steingasse 28/6, 1030 Wien, Austria
Professional association: Chamber of Commerce of Vienna, Branch Organization of Events, Branch Trade, Branch Advertising
VAT No.: ATU11115602
Cell phone: +43 699 13320406
Bank account: Erste Bank Austria, IBAN: AT64 2011 1000 0385 2822, BIC: GIBAATWWXXX
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